Friday, August 13, 2010

A Perfect Day for a Long Journey 5/19/09

I think the 19th of May is a beautiful day for the trip to heaven.
The sky is so blue.
The world is in bloom.
The grass is green, not yet sunburned by summer heat.
Kids play outside after school at this time of year.
Adults search for places to eat their lunches out of doors.
The sky stays light into the evening and people take walks and greet their neighbors.
Yes, looking over your shoulder on the way to heaven would be a lovely sight.
A world of light and color and goodwill disappearing behind you.
It must be a comfort as you make your way to heaven and leave your loved ones behind.
My sister, Joy, is making the trip today.
It is time. She has been very ill.
But, Joy leaves many who love her behind on earth.
We are blessed with this beautiful day.
As Joy makes her journey, we close our eyes, turn up to the sun and feel a touch of the warmth of our sister's love on our faces.

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