Friday, November 19, 2010

Four Great-Grandmothers and No Place to Hide.

Rebecca Whittle Householder

Mary Hodges

Mary Corcoran Naddy

Jeannette Moffitt Coleman

I never met any of these women but they shape my life everyday.

They are my great-grandmothers.

My maternal grandmother, Clara Coleman Naddy told me the stories of her difficult to please, "lace curtain" Irish mother-in-law, Mary Corcoran Naddy and her devotion to and over-protection of her handsome sons.

Clara and my mother, Rita Naddy Householder dazzled me with stories of Clara's well-loved mother, Jeannette Moffitt Coleman, who focused on making life fun and interesting for her brood of 9 in addition to her pioneering volunteer work at Hines Veteran's Hospital, (her funeral procession was 13 miles long!)

My mother did the research on my father's lineage and the famous Cumberland Gap families that intermarried generation after generation and make up not just a family tree, but as my son says, "a family wreath" in eastern Tennessee.  The Whittles and the Hodges vying for status as the earliest settlers on this continent and the humble Householders who landed here much later....1650 or so. 

I am going to take some time with this blog and share some of the stories that have been handed down to me.  What is fact, fiction or legend, I do not know.  But I loved these stories when I heard them and I hope I can do them justice now.  I just do not want them lost.

Stay tuned we will start with the fun and feisty Jeannette Moffitt Coleman.

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