Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Book of Love

Kem is the stay at home, change the diapers, go for walks, learn to talk, learn to read, Tuesdays at the library, Thursdays at the Museum, every day at the zoo, ride a bike, walk to school, walk home, listen to the day, do the homework, bake for the class, kiss the hurts, go to Bullwinkles, sign the permission slips, supervise the friends, eat your vegetables, comb your hair, here's your allowance, go-talk-to-the-teacher, work on the science project, practice the piano, learn the multiplication tables, read Dear Mr Henshaw, clean the rabbit cage, sit up with the chicken-pox, practice the cello, make your bed, listen for the trumpets, make a movie, call your mother-after-school, drive to the city, listen to the dreams, sit-up with the injured hand, go to baseball games, drive around town looking for him, go to the movies, drive to boot camp, listen to the bass guitar, send money, listen to the broken-heart, drive to San Diego, listen to the broken-boy, drive to North Carolina, write the wedding music, loan money, drive to the hospital, listen to the proud new daddy, kiss the new baby, change the diapers, go for walks, learn to talk…….Father.
Happy Father’s Day to a man who has always understood it was never a part-time job.